The Big Old Kids Party is an event to help us heal by bringing out our inner child and celebrate life before the BillS!

Not everyone had a childhood they want to relive, so this is an opportunity to give that inner child the experience they deserved.

This adults only event allows folk from all backgrounds to skate, jump in the moonbounce, hit the arcade, compete in double dutch, musical chairs, and dance contests all while eating their favorite retro snacks and sippin throwback themed drinky drinks!

This nostalgic ride back to the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s raises awareness for inner child therapy while raising funds for ECO’s Young BUL Program

Our childhood was the foundation to our lives, and what happened then impacts every relationship we have today… especially the one with ourselves. This event is the first step to healing and building a stronger community one laugh at a time.

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Big Old Kids Party Summer 2019

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 Smith Playground 8/20/21 Recap

Cheyney University Recap Summer 2021

Big Old Kids Party Winter 2019

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A Community That Plays Together Stays Together

About Our Co-Creator:

Mother Nurtures Healing, LLC is an organization that promotes self love and healing through creating skincare and other cosmetics using organic material in an attempt to provide a more natural approach in the ways that we take care of ourselves.

Their founder, Jasmin, worked with Kyle The Conductor to bring her vision to life in 2019…thus The Big Old Kids Party was born!